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Maximizing Your Sales Synergy

Are you maximizing your available sales synergy? In my over 2 decades of selling this has been one of the gaping holes I’ve noticed when talking to other sales people and sales managers. It seems that either it’s a fear of flat out change or a little to no understanding of how to go about using it. I talk about this very subject many times in my writings or while helping others to increase in this area. I believe by relying only on yourself in sales is an excuse for failure. When you have a team to produce that synergy with you, you leverage your sales in so many ways. The first thing I usually hear is “this is just networking right?” Comparing what can be accomplished with true sales synergy to “networking” is like comparing a room heater to a full size furnace in your house. Yes of course going to networking events, going to business shows, meeting one on one with others to network, etc is a good thing to do for sales people. But this activity could be considered a starting point to maximizing your sales synergy. Definitely meeting with others is part of the synergy building process, but definitely not the main factor. I went from cold calling being the bulk of my prospecting up to starting my own business. From then on I worked...

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Referral Based Selling

What is referral based selling? By definition it’s a method of generating sales based on referrals instead of cold calling or sales other means, (I base this definition on generating 100% of my sales by using this method for the past 20 years). It’s typically a much, much better way of selling for most sales people, and great for entrepreneurs, B2B sales people, small business owners, newbies and sales veterans, etc. In my experience and professional opinion it’s much more productive, has higher sales retention and creates more loyal clients/customers. It’s the difference between getting introduced to potential clients, rather than hunting them down. In this blog post I’ll discuss a few different referral generating methods, but focus on cross partnering for B2B through same industry method, this is how I built a referral team and 100% referral based business. There are many times when we give a referral and we’re not even thinking about it. Usually it’s a situation when you like a particular product or service and you tell a friend or business associate. In general people buy from people they like and trust, if they don’t know you how can they like or trust you? This is not meant to be a popularity contest, but it’s definitely about who knows you and not who you know (this may be the opposite to the old expression you’ve...

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Can you Create Sales at Your Desk?

How about this, are you dragging? No not your feet… Are you in rut, a sales rut, dragging down mentally and physically? If you’re in sales that happens, I’ve been there. How’s your activity? Not too active? It’s interesting, sometimes that’s all you need – movement – do something. That’s why it’s called a rut, you’re not sure what to do. For what it’s worth, when a rut raises its ugly head, what do you do as a sales person to get going? My advice is to do something, trust me it’s hard to sell anything while setting to your desk. Or even while driving around, even though can be a strategy for some. Repeat after me, “my desk is my enemy”, or at least it can be – a big enemy. Movement creates more movement. What does that supposed to mean? Let’s go back to the “desk strategy”. Personally I get claustrophobic if I’m at my desk too long. So, I found that lack of movement creates more of lack of movement. What can you do at your desk to create sales? Not much unless you have highly targeted appointments ready to say, “come on over and see me and let’s talk about buying and selling”. Okay back to earth, if that were the case you wouldn’t be in a rut. So now what since we’re back the...

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The Power of the Online Review

How is the power of the online review effecting your business? Are you embracing it, ignoring it, or are not even sure? It’s one of the biggest deciding factors that stand between you and your sales. This can be a good thing or a not so good thing. The cause and effect can be the difference of having a thriving business and dying business. The double edged sword is having the ability to use the moving power of the Internet to being proactive or ignoring it. Understanding the simple concept that what people say online has become accepted as truth is undeniable. Of course when you and I are searching through Google and other areas on the web for someone to do business with, we are very dependent on what is being said to us, either from reviews and or what the listings say. We are making a conscious decision sometimes in a split second. If we see no reviews, how can we trust the company enough to spend our hard earned money with them? If they have good reviews and or bad reviews then we can have some deciding factors to help us. Positive reviews help us make a quick YES decision and negative reviews help us make a quick NO decision. Your cash register just rang up a sale or you just lost money. 3 types of...

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How Do I Get in Front of More Decision Makers?

That’s a great question… You get in front of more decision makers by getting more qualified prospects. How do you get more qualified prospects? It’s been my experience the most efficient way to get more qualified prospects is to get more great referrals. So how do you do that? By targeting the very best referral partners, partnering with and keeping them. I’ve found that for the many years I’m been selling, working a targeted group of like individuals that want the same thing (referrals) is the best way to build a referral team. First, spend time prospecting for referral partners, not clients or customers. Second, find people that want to build referrals too, they can be part of your team. When your time is leveraged you multiply your capabilities many times also, hence getting in front of more decision makers. Not to over simplify this, although it can be simple, but needs to have a structured system in place. The idea to network or to build referrals is certainly not a new idea, but the problem is most sales people and small business owners I have known and worked with may be great net-workers, but that’s where it stops, that’s why it doesn’t work for them. I think if most sales people knew they could build a solid referral team that could help them generate 100% of their sales...

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