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More About Get The Sale

A little about Get The Sale

What is Get The Sale? The GTS idea started many years ago, the whole purposed is helping companies to either get started, grow, sustain or all three. It is a culmination of over 30 years of experience helping companies. After over ten years of sales and marketing in 1998 I started Internet Marketing Group, which mainly consisted on SEO and pay-per-click services. But at the same time I decided in order to be better at my craft I needed a system, a system to be more efficient at selling and servicing my clients. This was the start of building a referral team rather than building my cold calls efforts. So through out the years, I built my business and helped others build business by this referral or partnering system.

So the three major areas we feel most important to help companies are helping sales people get more targeted referrals and close more sales (without cold calling), and also helping drive business through managing online reviews and search marketing.

Get The Sale is a game changer

Sell more - grow stronger. We will show you how we've generated sales without ever cold calling. After being in the sales trenches for 10 years then starting an Internet company I never wanted to cold call again. I'll show how I did and still do it.

Tell your story

Let your word be heard. We'll help you tell the world your story (at least in listening range of the Internet), what you do, how you can help their business, etc, etc. A sales pitch without the pitch.

Connect to the right people

Yep I can do just that. Not having the right connections can really burn up a lot of a sales time, the most valuable asset of a sales person. Whether you're a sales newbie or have been selling for years, connecting with right people is key and without wading through the time wasting "prospects".

Contact Us And Let's Go!

We train one on one, step by step. You'll learn my system, the exact system I've used for about 2 decades. By using this system you should never run out of sales opportunities.


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