What are you doing to help motivate your employees? If there is nothing more than a paycheck to strive for maybe motivation is very low. If motivation is low, performance is probably low. Although sales people traditionally are accustomed performance based pay, other areas of  the work force are not so much. So if your employees aren’t sales people, what other kinds of motivation could work? Maybe a bonus based on what your customers directly say? What about a reward program that would not only help your employees, but would help your customers and you the business owner?

I think most people feel performance based pay and or bonuses are lot of times for sales people or typically performance type jobs. But times are changing and so are the needs of businesses so when it comes to motivation, hopefully with out exasperation creativity must come into play. How so?

What about taking traditional customer reviews to another level? Here’s a thought, if you had a system setup where your employees would get reviews from your customers, your employees could be rewarded, your customers could be happier and you as business owner could have a stronger growing business. And because of the great service those same reviews could be posted to the top review sites giving you all the benefits of great online reviews, better reputation, better visibility, better credibility, stronger business, etc.  Written by Tim Frisch