Are you maximizing your available sales synergy? In my over 2 decades of selling this has been one of the gaping holes I’ve noticed when talking to other sales people and sales managers. It seems that either it’s a fear of flat out change or a little to no understanding of how to go about using it. I talk about this very subject many times in my writings or while helping others to increase in this area. I believe by relying only on yourself in sales is an excuse for failure. When you have a team to produce that synergy with you, you leverage your sales in so many ways.

The first thing I usually hear is “this is just networking right?” Comparing what can be accomplished with true sales synergy to “networking” is like comparing a room heater to a full size furnace in your house. Yes of course going to networking events, going to business shows, meeting one on one with others to network, etc is a good thing to do for sales people. But this activity could be considered a starting point to maximizing your sales synergy.

Definitely meeting with others is part of the synergy building process, but definitely not the main factor. I went from cold calling being the bulk of my prospecting up to starting my own business. From then on I worked on creating a 100% cold call free environment or culture for myself by going from hit and miss prospecting to ultra targeted prospecting and maximizing the sales synergy or people synergy that I’ve been talking about throughout this article.

As the saying goes “sales is a numbers game”, but when the mentality changes from being a single sales person out there on your own to leveraging your efforts, to really using that existing synergy that’s  just waiting to be used, it’s definitely a different numbers game. It’s less about numbers and much more about efficiency and higher production, producing more sales with fewer resources needed and enjoying selling more.

You can sell more today, get higher client retention and generate a longer term business by following this information and not have to reinvent the wheel or get deeper in the trenches like I have. Start getting your synergy team together now. If  you need help either getting started, coaching and or a full on training program or anything in between I can help you. For more information contact Tim Frisch at Get The Sale.